Energy Day @ ETH 2019

Climate-neutral energy systems by 2050 –
(not) a problem or (not) an opportunity?
Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Energy Day @ ETH took place successfully for the third time on Tuesday, 10 December 2019. A total of over 400 guests from industry, science, business and politics as well as Winterthur cantonal school students came to ETH Zurich to attend the youth energy conference, the focus dialogues on the topics of mobility and power supply and the symposium in the afternoon.

In the morning, the well-known focus dialogues took place again on the topic of “climate-neutral power supply” with Dr Stefan Pfenninger and on the topic of “climate-neutral mobility” with Dr Gloria Romera, Moritz Mittelviefhaus and Dominik Bucher. After an input by the four ETH members, the guests had the opportunity to ask questions, exchange ideas with the scientists and discuss the topic.

In the afternoon, during a public symposium, scientists from ETH Zurich discussed the latest challenges and solutions for a climate-neutral energy system. In addition to the current and concrete research projects at ETH Zurich, findings from the Youth Energy Conference, which had taken place in the morning, were also included in the discussion. The winning teams of the Youth Energy Conference presented their proposed solutions to the four energy challenges themselves.

A subsequent panel discussion with representatives from science and industry also included the socio-economic aspect, which highlighted the complexity but also the opportunities of a future sustainable energy supply. In the second part of the panel discussion, the challengers from the Büelrain Cantonal School and ETH Zurich put the panel participants on the spot.