Energy Week @ ETH 2020

(R)Evolution of the energy system
Tuesday-Thursday 24-26 November 2020

In 2020, the Energy Science Center (ESC) at ETH Zurich once again organised a major energy conference. For the last three years, this was held as a full-day event “Energy Day @ ETH” on the premises of ETH Zurich. This year, the ESC organised the event as “Energy Week @ ETH” over three days in an online format.

This year’s “Energy Week @ ETH” took place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 24-26 November 2020, starting at 4 pm, under the motto “(R)Evolution of the energy system”.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, 24 and 25 November 2020, the well-known focus dialogues were held on a total of six topics. These were also held entirely online. After an input presentation, the respective experts were available for discussion and questions. The ESC was delighted to welcome many guests to the online webinar on the topics of “Solar Revolution”, “Storage Revolution”, “Mobility Revolution”, “Revolution thanks to decentralisation and digitalisation”, “Scenarios vs. forecasts vs. realities” and “Economy, politics, society and energy revolutions”.


On Thursday, 26 November 2020, during the online symposium, representatives from science, politics and industry presented and discussed the latest findings on the (r)evolution of energy systems. In addition to presentations on the two core topics of “Heavy Mobility” and “Technologies for Energy (R)Evolution”, participants were also given insights into political energy processes and the work of an energy company.