Energy Day @ ETH 2018

On the way to a sustainable energy future
Tuesday, 11 December 2018

The Energy Day @ ETH took place successfully for the second time. At Energy Day @ ETH, experts from the world of science discussed the challenges and opportunities of a sustainable energy future with representatives from industry and politics, as well as interested members of the public.

In the morning, during the focus dialogs, three presentations were given and intensively discussed on the topics of hydropower, nuclear energy, electricity storage and electricity grids. For each topic, a scientist from ETH Zurich, a start-up and an established company presented their current research project and explained their role in the future energy system. The participants were also actively involved in the discussions. The dialogs were moderated by young researchers from ETH Zurich. The results and findings from the discussions were summarized by the moderators and presented in the afternoon before the corresponding lecture.


In the afternoon, during the symposium, professors from ETH Zurich and guest speakers spoke about the latest challenges and approaches to solving these issues. First, the results and findings from the morning were discussed, and then specific research projects were used to show what research activities ETH Zurich is pursuing in these areas and what contribution it is making to the economy, politics and society.

In a subsequent panel discussion with representatives from industry and politics, the role of the socio-economic context was discussed. In particular, it was shown how complex the challenges of a sustainable energy supply are, but also what opportunities we can seize as Switzerland.