Energy Day @ ETH 2017

Committed to the future of energy
Tuesday, 12 December 2017

During this all-day event, scientists and students discussed challenges and opportunities together with the guests in order to shape the energy system of the future sustainably – in Switzerland, in Europe and worldwide. 


In the morning, students from ETH Zurich debated different visions of a future energy system with the participants in so-called focus dialogues at various locations at ETH Zurich. The topics of these debates were: Consumer behaviour, electricity production, mobility, and start-ups/innovation. The students moderated the focus dialogues and summarised the findings at the end of the dialogue.


In the afternoon, during a public symposium, scientists from ETH Zurich and invited guest speakers gave presentations on the same topics. Before each presentation, the findings from the focus dialogues were presented and commented on by the speakers.


In a subsequent panel discussion with representatives from science, industry and administration, the topics were taken up again. They discussed how the visions presented could become reality, taking into account technological developments, financing options and regulatory challenges.